Our organisation and its purpose
The Steel sector is generally known as an industry with well organized professional associations and this is largely true for the steel producers in our business. However, during the first few months of 2016, it became very clear that there was no professional association whatsoever that specifically defended the interests of non-integrated wire rod processors. Due to various reasons, a number of European non-integrated companies felt the urgent need to unite in a professional organization and they decided to found EUNIRPA on July 11th, 2016, in Brussels.

The founding members during the first EUNIRPA meeting on July 11th, 2016. Standing from left to right: Josep Marsans Prat (Exelfil), Ivo Magalhães (Fapricela), Manuel Añon (Gallega de Mallas), Peter van Merksteijn (Van Merksteijn). Sitting from left to right: Ramon Amigo Aso (Exelfil), Kris Van Ginderdeuren (Van Merksteijn), Pedro Miguel Teixeira (Fapricela), Eline Verherbrugghen (Intersig).

Basically the main goal of EUNIRPA is to protect the interests of European non-integrated processors of wire rod and other long steel products in all EU trade, customs and anti-trust matters affecting their business activities, whether at national or European Community level.
EUNIRPA also assists them in any conflict against European producers of wire rod and protects the interests of its members against producers, importers, traders or any other party who engages in illegal or inappropriate activities in all areas including, but not limited to, illegal trade, illegal commercial practices and customs fraud. If necessary, EUNIRPA shall represent these interests before the EU institutions.

Our members
All members of EUNIRPA are active in the steel business.
In our production processes we transform the purchased wire rod (high and low carbon) into bright wires, galvanized wires, rebar on coil, bars, spacers, lattice girders, mesh and other wires for different applications.


Above from left to right: annealed wire, lattice girders and spacers, nails. Below from left to right: mesh, prestressed concrete wire, wire for springs.

Contrary to actual steel manufacturers, the members of EUNIRPA  do not produce their own steel out of iron ore or scrap. They buy raw materials, such as wire rod or other long steel products from steel mills. This explains the non-integrated part in the association’s name. Companies that produce their own steel, often also process it into semi-finished or finished products, turning them into fully integrated steel companies, unlike the EUNIRPA members.